Inside the Book

Inside “Writing without Reversing in One Week”

"Julia playing guitar"

“Julia playing guitar”

Can you imagine our world without letters and numbers?! They are the collective root of civilization! They are also the prime characters of this book!

The numbers and letters in this book are brought to life using attention-grabbing, colorful, and dazzling caricatures that serve in illustrating every step of the book’s methodologies.

The book is accompanied by a song to reinforce its learning outcomes and create a quality fun-based experience in learning.

The left and right directions are utilized wittily in a captivating and extraordinary way to provide the basis for a learning approach that may very well act like magic to eliminate reversed writing in children.

Let’s peak at the “Learning your Numbers” chapter…

0 & 8 are looking straight at you, or we can say, are facing you; they like your cute face!


Read the book for a delightful extraordinary learning experience with your children!